Inclement Weather Policy for Washington County Commuter Express

Passengers can download the Washington County Commuter Express Travel App or visit to register for alerts.

During inclement weather conditions, the following policy will be followed:

The Washington County Transit Manager and other pertinent individuals will assess the current weather and road conditions and make a decision whether to cancel all trips, delay starting or ending early. Emergency-situation decisions will be made by Coach USA personnel, who will inform the County as soon as possible. If the WCCE shuts down during the day, every attempt will be made to bring home all commuters who rode the WCCE in the morning. This could include sending out buses earlier than the scheduled runs. An e-mail blast will be sent out to commuters who have provided e-mail addresses, along with informing the media. (See listing below.)

If the decision is made to shut down the WCCE before the first run, all attempts will be made to inform riders through the media and Website. (See listing below.)

During inclement weather conditions if service is altered, transit consultants will make every attempt to inform the commuters/public through an e-mail and through the following media sources:

  • Today’s TMJ4
  • WISN-TV12
  • Ride WCCE website

Commuters should access information about WCCE during inclement weather using the above sources. Commuters may also call the WCCE number of 1-888-675-9223.