1. Do I have to call to confirm my appointment?

    We want you to feel at ease with your pick-up and return so we request that you confirm your times – this way you’ll know approximately what time the shared ride taxi will be there.

  2. What happens if I forget to cancel my scheduled ride?

    A 1 hour notice is requested if you need to cancel your ride. If the taxi has been reserved for your use, we cannot provide service to another client at the same time. If you do not contact us to cancel your ride, it will be considered a “no-show” and you will not be allowed to ride for the rest of the day. Three no-shows could result in a suspension. See the no-show section for the complete policy.

  3. Why canít I take more than two bags of groceries?

    The Shared-Ride Taxi makes many stops with clients entering and exiting the vehicle at all times. Space is needed to ensure room for all and a safe ride.

  4. Why canít I pick the vehicle or driver I want?

    With the Shared- Ride Taxi clients are assigned to vehicles that are nearest to your pick-up or drop-off, as well as in a type of vehicle required for the client’s specific needs, such as wheelchair-lift equipped taxi. We strive to place you in a comfortable vehicle, but we are not able to assign you to one specific vehicle.

  5. Why canít we book a ride for our large group?

    Four passengers is the largest group we can book a ride for. The Shared Ride Taxi is expected to make pick-up and drop-off stops along the way, thus room is necessary for other passengers. Taxi vehicles are not equipped to service large parties. It would be best to contact a private carrier when you have a large number of passengers to transports.

  6. Do I have to wear a seatbelt?

    Passengers must be wearing their seat belt before the taxi will move. Only a client that produces a valid prescription exempt them for the law will be allowed to ride without a seatbelt.

  7. When does my child need to use a Car Seat/Booster?

    State law mandates that any child under the age of 4 or less than 40lbs. will be secured in an approved child restraint system while riding a motor vehicle. Booster Seats are required for 4yrs but less than 8 yrs and 40lbs. but less than 80 lbs.