Attention Riders

    WCCE Changes January 2021

    New Ticket System Coming January 2021


    The WCCE will be transitioning providers to Coach USA starting January 1, 2021. Much of the service will remain the same, including the operating schedule, stops, and fares. The buses will look different on the outside, but still have the same comforts on the inside, including free Wi-Fi.

    The big change: WCCE tickets are going digital!

    Beginning January 4, you will be able to purchase WCCE Tickets online at Boarding the bus will be as easy as opening an app or email and showing your digital ticket – just like a concert or flight. You will be able to buy tickets one at a time or in the 10-pack values, all through a contactless online experience.

    Riders will still be able to purchase single-ride tickets with cash on the bus. Riders needing additional accommodations to purchase tickets due to disabilities should contact Ticket strips will no longer be available to purchase at retail ticket outlets beginning January 1, 2020.


    FAQ About the Change in Service Providers

    Will the schedule stay the same?

    Yes. Washington County Transit is not planning to make any changes to the operating schedule, bus stops, or routes in 2021.

    Can I still use my paper tickets?

    Yes – Coach USA will accept the current (green) WCCE paper tickets for several months into 2021.

    How can tickets be purchased?

    Paper ticket strips are still available to purchase through GoRiteway or at local retailers. Beginning January 1, all tickets will need to be purchased from Coach USA. Tickets can then be purchased online through the WCCE website. One-way fares can also be paid in cash on the bus.

    How much will it cost to ride? Are ticket prices going up?

    One way fares are $3.75 or 10-ride passes for $35.00. There is a discounted fare rate of $1.75 on mid-day northbound Run 13 for senior citizens 65+, Medicare cardholders, and persons with disabilities.  No fare changes are planned at this time for 2021. Fares may need to be adjusted post-pandemic due to long-term ridership changes.

    My employer pays for all or part of my rides. Will Coach USA accept the credit card, value certificate, etc?

    Yes – The exact process is still being worked out, but Coach USA will work with you and your employer to ensure you are able to purchase tickets with your employer’s transportation benefit program. Coach USA is a commuter bus service provider for Waukesha County, and already has relationships with many downtown businesses.

    Can I still buy 10-ticket strips at the grocery store?

    Beginning in January, retail stores will no longer sell 10-ticket strips for the WCCE.


    Washington County would like to thank you for your patronage of the WCCE.  We would also like to thank GoRiteway for the service they provided to Washington County and its citizens.